SPRING 2024 Homeschool STEM Enrichment – High School LIFE SCIENCE


Students will choose a particular phenomenon of interest which covers a great deal of the requirements of the Coloardo Academic Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

High school Life Science covers Biology.

  1. Matter tends to be cycled within an ecosystem, while energy is transformed and eventually exits an ecosystem
  2. The size and persistence of populations depend on their interactions with each other and on the abiotic factors in an ecosystem
  3. Cellular metabolic activities are carried out by biomolecules produced by organisms
  4. The energy for life primarily derives from the interrelated processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Photosynthesis transforms the sun’s light energy into the chemical energy of molecular bonds. Cellular respiration allows cells to utilize chemical energy when these bonds are broken.
  5. Cells use the passive and active transport of substances across membranes to maintain relatively stable intracellular environments
  6. Cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems maintain relatively stable internal environments, even in the face of changing external environments
  7. Physical and behavioral characteristics of an organism are influenced to varying degrees by heritable genes, many of which encode instructions for the production of proteins
  8. Multicellularity makes possible a division of labor at the cellular level through the expression of select genes, but not the entire genome
  9. Evolution occurs as the heritable characteristics of populations change across generations and can lead populations to become better adapted to their environment
We do have some grant money available for low-income families to use to supliment up to 80% of their tutoring costs, pending availability and proof of need.
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This class will meet on Thursday mornings from 10-12 beginning February 6th and going until April 25th.

The maximum number of students is 15. There will be two adults instructing, supervising and providing 1:1 for your child. If you want to stay and participate, we’d love to have you there!

We are only offering a package for these 13 classes. You can come to as many as you wish, miss one or two if you need to or come to them all for $675 for the semester.

LOCATION:  11485 Old 285 Frontage Road, Second Floor, Conifer, CO


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