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Summer STEAM Camps

Our Philosophy

* We believe that every child can learn.
* We believe that every child is unique and needs unique support to find excellence.
* We believe that children who get the support that works for them builds confidence in what they can do, which opens doors to new opportunities.
* We believe that preparing for high-stakes tests must include practice, testing strategies and repetitive drills to achieve the highest scores, which provides opportunities for greater achievement after high school, and should be available to all.
* We believe adults who had poor experiences in school can build the skills and knowledge they need to advance their careers by getting their GED/HiSET (High School Equilivancy Test).
* We believe that careers in STEAM will provide the highest-paying and most rewarding jobs. Camps provide an opportunity to explore options/find passions.

Who we serve...

We offer in-person and virtual courses, depending on your needs and locations for...

* Middle school and high school students for chemistry, physics and math tutoring
* Ages 8+ for our summer STEAM camps (in-person only)
* All students preparing for the SAT.
* Chemistry and Biology AP / IB test preparation.
* College students taking 101/102 level classes in Chemistry and Biology
* Adult learners for GED/HiSET.
* Middle school and high school HOMESCHOOL students in math and science
* Elementary, middle and high school Platte Canyon Students for in-person Friday enrichment.

As we grow, we will add the classes our communities might need, such as reading, foreign language, history, music, as well as more locations throughout Denver and the Foothills.

  • Ruben

    (9th Grader - 2023)
    "Mrs. Blue is an amazing tutor and educator, making my experience in her classes interesting and engaging. I believe that the right environment is required to learn, and Mrs. Blue exemplifies this ideal for her students and encourages learning to nurture one's true potential."
  • Megan

    (10th grader - 2023)
    "I love how you always bring a positive attitude in to class. You've also helped me learn a lot and inspired me to find out more about how the world works."
  • Katie

  • Steven

  • Emily

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Who We Are...

Michelle has been at public school teacher for 19 years, and was an engineer prior to changing careers. She has a current Colorado teaching license, has received distinguished teaching evaluations and wants to continue to serve students in non-traditional ways.

Rachel is our artist, creative and inspiring. She's been a nanny for many years and is currently working on a degree in psychology.

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