FALL 2023 Homeschool STEM Enrichment – High School Earth Science


Students will choose a particular phenomenon of interest which covers a great deal of the requirements of th Coloardo Academic Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

High school Earth science covers the processes and interactions of Earth’s systems and the structure and dynamics of Earth and other objects in space. This includes The history of the universe, solar system and Earth. As part of the solar system, Earth interacts with various extraterrestrial forces and energies such as gravity, solar phenomena, electromagnetic radiation, and impact events that influence the planet’s geosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere in a variety of ways. The theory of plate tectonics helps to explain geological, physical, and geographical features of Earth. Climate is the result of energy transfer among interactions of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and biosphere. There are costs, benefits, and consequences of exploration, development, and consumption of renewable and nonrenewable resources. The interaction of Earth’s surface with water, air, gravity, and biological activity causes physical and chemical changes Natural hazards have local, national and global impacts such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.

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This class will meet on Thursday afternoons from 1-3 beginning September 26th to December 20th. We will not offer a class on November 23st.

The maximum number of students is 15. There will be two adults instructing, supervising and providing 1:1 for your child. If you want to stay and participate, we’d love to have you there!

We are only offering a package for these 13 classes. You can come to as many as you wish, miss one or two if you need to or come to them all for $675 for the semester.

LOCATION:  11485 Old 285 Frontage Road, Second Floor, Conifer, CO

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