SPRING 2024 Homeschool STEM Enrichment – High School PHYSICAL SCIENCE


Students will choose a particular phenomenon of interest which covers a great deal of the requirements of the Coloardo Academic Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

High school Physical Science covers both Chemistry and Physics.

  1.  Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation describe the relationships among forces acting on and between objects, their masses, and changes in their motion – but have limitations.
  2. Matter has definite structure that determines characteristic physical and chemical properties
  3. Matter can change form through chemical or nuclear reactions abiding by the laws of conservation of mass and energy
  4. Atoms bond in different ways to form molecules and compounds that have definite properties
  5. Energy exists in many forms such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, radiant, thermal, and nuclear, that can be quantified and experimentally determined
  6. When energy changes form, it is neither created not destroyed; however, because some is necessarily lost as heat, the amount of energy available to do work decreases
We do have some grant money available for low-income families to use to supliment up to 80% of their tutoring costs, pending availability and proof of need.
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This class will meet on Thursday afternoons from 1-3 beginning February 6th to April 25th, 2024.

The maximum number of students is 15. Two adults will be providing instruction, supervision and 1:1 support for your child. If you want to stay and participate, we’d love to have you there!

We are only offering a package for these 12 classes (24 hours). You can come to as many as you wish, miss one or two if you need to or come to them all for $675 for each semester.

LOCATION:  11485 Old 285 Frontage Road, Second Floor, Conifer, CO


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