FALL 2023 – CHEMISTRY Tutoring (General High School)


Chemistry is so challenging, but is truly the most interesting STEM topic once students understand and feel confident with it.  Michelle will support these sessions, as she has taught General Chemistry, Honors Chemisty, IB Chemistry and has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from the College of Veterinary Medicine.  These sessions will answer questions from your classes, help you with writing quality answers to questions as well as doing the math involved, which can be extensive. We will provide homework help to get that done early in the weekend so that you can have fun the rest of it.  Challenging Chemistry concepts include stoichiometry, period table trends, electron orbitals, ionization, chemical equations, energy, light, atomic models, etc. and much more.  You can get the support you need either in person or virtually, depending on your needs and location.

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Location: 11485 Old Hwy 285 Frontage Road, Conifer, Colorado  OR  Virtually via Google Meet

Small Groups (2-6 students):  $45/session or $40 for 10 session package

Individual $100/session or $180 for 2 sessions

Please call or text 720-466-0152 to set up dates and times for your sessions


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